We are always happy to have groups join us for teen parties,
office functions, sports team bonding, youth group outings!

We do our best to provide a fun, affordable, family-friendly
environment that will allow all age groups to participate.

We have ten 9-ft pool tables and 5 7-ft pool tables in our
main room. Depending upon the size of the group we can
help you determine the number of tables you would likely
need. Typically 4-6 people per table works great.

We also have a , ping-pong table, dart machine, foosball
table, a couple of arcade games and popular board/strategy
games like chess, checkers, backgammon, Sorry, Operation,  
Jenga and Connect Four for those who may not be into pool
or little ones who are too small to reach the pool tables.
We also offer an
environment of modern
amenities like tvs, overhead
music (to your group's
preference), free
high-speed wifi (so
everyone can come out to
play pool and then sit stare
at their phones) and a
charging station (so their
phones don't die while
they're staring at them!).
We have a menu of popular comfort foods like chicken tenders,
mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, toasted ravioli, all-beef
hotdogs, nachos, burgers, chicken sandwiches, sweet potato fries
and more. For a smaller group of 10-15 people it is probably
easiest to eat here. The group leader could run a tab or provide a
dollar amount limit if desired.

We typically do not allow outside food, but if you are booking an
event and want to bring your own food, we do allow that if we have
arranged it in advance.

We supply 1-3 tables. You are responsible for supplying your own
serving utensils, plates, napkins, condiments, etc.

We also have a catering partnership with Joe Hickel of Club
Monarch. If you choose to cater in through Joe, he would arrive to
set-up your order and to take it down after your event! Easy!
We typically do time slots of
three hours. That seems to be
the lifespan of interest for most
parties we've hosted, with a little
wiggle room for set-up and

The only days of the week that
may be hard for us to
accommodate are generally
Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other
than that, we can usually
arrange something.

We are committed to a family-friendly environment for
all age groups. As such, we do not serve or allow
alcohol or any outside beverages to be brought in
(including coffee, water bottles, etc.).

We sell a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages like
hot coffee, several varieties of hot tea, hot cocoa,
sparkling and regular water, sodas, juices, energy
drinks, cold teas and other specialty beverages.

Whether your group is bringing in its own food, using
our catering partnership with Joe or ordering here, ALL
If you are interested in setting up an event,
please call us at 315-732-3000 and speak with or
leave a message for Andrea with your name,
number, ballpark thoughts about the date and
size of your group and I will get back to you
choosing Utica Billiards! We appreciate your
desire to make us a part of the special outings in
your life!